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Pinching Pennies

By May 5, 2009

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Growing up, I learned from a master penny pincher. My mom taught me the art of the clearance sale, the day after Thanksgiving sale, and the day after Christmas sale. She was a master, and taught her children to do the same. As an adult I have found other ways to save money. In today's tough economic times every penny counts. So often people will shrug off the cost of a daily soda or coffee or a lunch out because it is just a few dollars. Amounts under ten dollars tend not to even register in the spending bracket.

The thing about these purchases, though they are small, can add up over time. Lunch out at a conservative $5.00 a day times twenty days during the month (counting working days only) adds up to $100.00 a month. The quick stop at the convenience store for a soda and a candy bar is about $3.00 times twenty days adds up to $60.00 a month. But most of these purchase don't register on the radar when you make them. They are things that you don't think about. When you look at cutting expense you do not usually even consider cutting these costs.

Of course you need to eat, and that soda and candy bar may really be a pick me up on a bad day, but can you do it for less? Packing your lunches from home, and buying the soda and candy bars in bulk really can save you at least half on your purchases. This is just one common example. So what are the purchases that slip in under your radar? And how can you fix them?

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