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Who Taught You About Budgeting?

By November 7, 2012

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I'll never forget the conversation I had with my grandmother about budgeting. she talked to my when I was first married and trying to decide whether or not to keep working or to stay home after having our first child. It was a tough decision, and one that she had faced when she had her first child. She told me about her budgeting system which involved canning jars in the kitchen, and it was very similar to the envelope budgeting method. The other piece of advice that she gave me was to try my decision out for a year and to see what happened.

The thing about budgeting and most major decisions, financial or not, is that you have a certain amount of leeway inside of the decision, and then things that are not entirely within your control. You have to learn to manage with what you have, and then make decisions on where to cut. Some things will not give, like you should not spend more than you have, but within that limit, you get to decide when and how you spend your money. Once you realize this, the budgeting process opens up, and you can really begin to make a difference with your money.

Who taught you about budgeting? What's the best budgeting advice you've ever received?

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