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Miriam Caldwell

Saving Money in 2013

By January 4, 2013

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Have you ever had a month or a year where you have looked back at and wonder just where your money went? Sometimes you can get to the end of the year or the quarter and wonder what you have to show for your efforts. this is where saving money can make a difference. You can see how much you have saved, and how much you have bettered your situation just by looking at how much money you can save.

One of my favorite tricks for saving money is to make it happen automatically. When I was in college, I transferred a set amount from my checking account into savings each pay day. I had the automatic transfer set up, so I did not have to even think about it happening. I was able to save enough each month to cover the cost of my tuition for the next semester. If I hand not been making those transfers I know I could have easily found other things to spend my money on like going out or clothes.

Now, I also look for ways to decrease the amount I spend. When I was single, I did not really worry about the cost of everything, because i had more than enough to get by on, but with a family, I always seem to need to make my dollars stretch more than they did the year before. Shopping at the lowest priced grocery stores and buying certain items in bulk help me to free up more money in my budget to cover other things.

What are your favorite savings tips? If you haven't already set a savings goal for 2013, set one today. Either set a dollar amount you want to have saved up by the end of the year, or a budget category you want to cut back on to give you more wiggle room in your budget.

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