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Choosing a Section 529 Plan - Saving for College - About.com
If you're contemplating the use of a Section 529 plan to fund a loved one's education, the process of narrowing it down to one plan can be daunting. There are ...
Top State Tax Deductions for 529 Plans - Taxes - About.com
A popular method of saving for college is the 529 plan with forty-nine states and the District of Columbia offering at least one option. With a 529 plan, your ...
Basic Overview of Section 529 College Savings Plans
Prior to the advent of Section 529 plans, parents who wanted to save for a child's college education had few options. These options were basically limited by ...
Section 529 Savings Plans - Investment Options and Tax Benefits for ...
Section 529 savings plans have a preset menu of mutual fund investment choices. Most often, a state's Section 529 plan will contract with a mutual fund ...
Section 529 Savings Plans - Advantages and Disadvantages of 529 ...
A description of the advantages and disadvantages of a Section 529 Savinga plan.
Section 529 Savings Plans - Eligibility and Contribution Rules for ...
Section 529 savings plans have the most flexible eligibility rules of any college savings vehicle. In essence, anyone can open and contribute to a Section 529 ...
529 Plan State Tax Deductions - Saving for College - About.com
While there is no Federal income tax deduction for contributions to a Section 529 College Plan, many states offer a 529 plan deduction to their residents.
Section 529 Savings Plans - Eligible Expenses and Effect on ...
An overview of what college expenses a Section 529 plan can cover, as well as the its effect on financial aid.
The Virginia 529 Plan Deduction for VA Residents - Saving for College
Virginia offers a $4000 tax deduction ($2000 for 2008) to residents who contribute to a Virginia 529 plan. This article includes an overview of the VA 529  ...
Maryland 529 Plan Deduction for Residents - Saving for College
Maryland residents contributing to a Maryland 529 plan receive a state income tax deduction of up to $2,500 per beneficiary for each account holder.
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