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A Guide to Using Consignment Stores


A consignment store can be a great place to find the things you love at lower prices. I love hearing stories about finding items at great prices with the tags still on them. Not every consignment store is going to have the same great deals. But you can often find the things you want at lower prices if you know how to use consignment shops. It can help you stretch your paycheck to cover things that you may consider to be luxuries. You can also find name brand items at much lower prices. Here are some strategies to help you save money at the consignment shop.

1. Scout Your Shops

There are usually several consignments shops in one city or within a greater city area. Not all consignment shops are created equal. You want to find a consignment shop that only purchases and puts out quality items that are clean and well cared for. You will find that certain consignment shops focus on certain brands or styles of clothes. They can be similar to a boutique, and so you need to find one that has your same taste in clothes and style, and the name brands that you love. Not every day you go into a consignment shop is going to be a great shopping day. Unless the shop is totally not what you are interested in, you may want to come back a few times before ruling it out as an option for your shopping trips.

2. Get to Know Your Sales People

It pays to be friends with the people who run the shop. As they get to know you and your tastes, they can begin contacting you when new clothes come in that you will love. If you are a naturally friendly person, this will be easy for you to do. If you are shy, you may need to make a little bit more of an effort. If you need help remembering names or details about the clerks, jot them down in your phone under the store name, and you should be able to remember to ask about the things you talked about the last time you were in. Taking the time to do this will help the sales clerks to contact you.

3. Shop Regularly

In a consignment shop, items are moving on a regularly basis. They do not have a regular day when they get in shipments. It is worth visiting the store on a fairly regular basis to find the best deals. Once you have found your favorite one or two stores, you should visit fairly often. If there are other stores that are okay, but not great, you may want to visit them once a month to look for deals that you will like. The people who find the best deals do visit the shops on a regular basis.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Dig

You will need to carefully sort though all of the clothes on the racks and stacked up. Although things are generally sorted by size, sometimes things can get misplaced. Once you have found your first real deal by digging deep into a sales rack, you will understand the rush you get when you find the perfect deal.

5. Try Out Thrift Stores and Donation Shops

You can often fund even better deals at the best thrift shops and donation stores in the area. Just as you scout out the consignment stores, you will need to scout out these shops. For example, in my area there is one Goodwill that is well known for the excellent furniture deals it offer, while another Goodwill in the next town over has designer suits for less than $50.00 and great deals on women’s clothing. You can talk to neighbors and friends about the reputation of certain thrift shops before you visit. You should be able to look past the missing button or other small flaws when shopping this type of store.

6. Stick to Your Budget

It is just as easy to break your budget with a consignment store or a thrift shop. Another savings strategy is to use cash only for these purchases. It is best to go with a specific amount of cash you can spend on each trip. If you plan on going several times a month, break up the money into increments, and if you do not use it, you can roll it over to the next trip. Additionally, you need to be sure you are buying the item because you need it, and not because it is too good of a deal to pass up. A good deal isn’t a good deal if you didn’t need the item in the first place.

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