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Personal Financial Software


Personal finance software makes financial management so much easier. Now you have the opportunity to use software that works on just your computer or you can use a service that operates entirely online. Some software is designed to help you with your budgeting and balancing your account, while other software looks at your entire financial picture and helps you plan for the future as well manage your checking account.

1. Moneywell

This is a new product available to Mac users. It offers an unique twist on the envelope budgeting system. It offers a very visible tracking plan, which include buckets for each category that will tip over once you have reached your limit. It also allows you to easily transfer money from bucket to bucket. This is a marked improvement on the competitive Budget software that is offered by Snowmint.

2. Budget by SnowMint

"Budget" is a unique budgeting program since it uses the envelope system to help you to budget your money. This system is great for people who need to see where the money has gone and how much they have left. Although the initial set-up of this program can be daunting, it is worth the extra time that it takes. The software is designed to save you time every month by allotting more money into each category or envelope at the beginning of the month.

3. Mint.com

Mint.com is an online service that tracks your expenditures and cash flow. It automatically pulls the most current and up-to-date information from your bank accounts and allows you access this information from anywhere.

4. oXYGen Financial Services

A financial planner can offer guidance and help you create a financial plan to help you build your wealth and retire comfortably. Rarely do financial planners work with people in their twenties and with a smaller asset base. oXYGen Financial Services is a new company that is focused on helping the X and Y generation with their long term financial strategy. This is a company that offers financial planning services, and will sell investments and other financial tools to you. As with all financial products that you use, you will need to interview, and research your investments to be sure that they are meeting your needs.

5. SavvyMoney.com

SavvyMoney.com offers you the chance to set up a debt payment plan online. It makes it easy to track your progress, and will help you figure out the quickest way to pay back your debts through debt stacking or a debt snowball system.

6. MoneyWiz

MoneyWiz is a program designed specifically for Mac users. It is available on the iPhone, iPad and on your Mac Computer. This has the best cross platform syncing of any budgeting program out there. The design is easy to understand and use. It has features that allow you to train the program to save time on entering the transactions. If you are looking for a solid financial software program that offers reports and budgeting features, you should definitely consider using MoneyWiz.

7. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a solid budgeting system that is available on both PCs and Macs. This program offers basic syncing between your smartphones and your computer. The program has a free thirty day trial. It also offers support with several classes on budgeting and using the system, as well as monthly newsletter. It can provide the extra support you need if you are having a hard time sticking to a budget. The offer training classes and support groups to help you master the entire budgeting system. If you want the additional support, you may want to consider this option.
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