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Make the Most of Black Friday Shopping


Every year retailers offer the chance to purchase items on sale the day after Thanksgiving. The day gets its name for being the first day in the year that retailers are back in the black. It is a great opportunity to get good deals from your favorite stores. You can save a lot on your holiday shopping, but you need to go in with a holiday spending plan or you may end up overspending or lose out on the best deals.

1. Start with a Plan

Begin by making your shopping list right now. You do not necessarily need to have the perfect item for each person in mind, but you should list each person you need to buy for, and how much you are planning on getting him. For some people you may just get one present, but if you have kids or nieces and nephews you may get more than one present. This list will help you as you plan out how you want to shop. Next group the list into categories. For example you may get all of the presents for children at one store, and the presents for your coworkers at a different store. This allows you to choose your shopping strategy on Black Friday so you can score the best deals.

2. Check Out the Ads

Start looking at the Black Friday deals as soon as you can. They are often posted in advance online. You can also check out online retailers to see who offers the best prices for the items on your list. You can find out which stores have the deals you need, and you can plan to shop at the stores that will save you the most. The door buster deals with really low prices usually have a time limit, and they will only have a certain number in stock at that price. You will need to plan to go the store with the best early morning deals first.

3. Shop Online

You can check out the online prices at the major sites. If you sign up for a free shipping account or search online for free shipping codes you may be able to save a lot of money and time shopping online. The online stores offer sale prices on Black Friday and the following Monday as well. You can compare prices and styles quickly and even have the items wrapped if you want to. You can have the gifts shipped directly to the recipients, which will save you a trip to the post office as well. This step will help you stick to your holiday budget.

4. Create a Shopping Strategy

Take the time to plan where you will go and the order you will shop the different stores. The shopping strategy will help you move through the crowds quickly, and make it easier to get all of your deals. If you are shopping with friends or family split up. You may want to all hit the first store together and then leave someone in line and move on to the next store to get the best deals. Be prepared to deal with the crowds that are pushy.

5. Take Time to Assess

After you have visited each store take time to see what you have purchased and adjust your list as needed. If you do not get everything from each store you will need to add it to your next shopping trip or purchase it later in the week. You may be able to find it online for a good price, but you will need to be on the lookout for it. As soon as you get home begin the wrapping and shipping process, so you do not need to worry about it later on in the season. If you are lucky you may be able to complete all of your holiday shopping and wrapping at once.
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