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All About Checking Accounts


A checking account is more complicated then a savings account. You need to balance your checks, withdrawals, and debits. The rules about minimum balance requirements and other fees may also throw you for a loop. If you are careful, you can avoid most fees associated with the checking account and easily manage the account each month.

1. Checking Account Basics

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Once you have a checking account, it is your responsibility to handle it properly. It is essential that you balance your checkbook each month. Additionally, you need to keep a running balance each day, which will prevent you from accidentally overdrawing your account. The reason that most people overdraw their accounts is because they fail to keep a running balance of their account. It is essential to learn how to manage your account effectively, or you may not be allowed to open one. It is difficult to live without a checking account. These steps are simple, but important so that you do not end up with big problems with your checking account.

2. Help I Can’t Open a Checking Account! What Should I Do?

If you have had problems with your checking account in the past you may have problems opening up a checking account. You may have to live without a checking account until you can clear up your problems with your past accounts. Banks will report you to ChexSystems if you have a negative balance with them or if you owe the bank money. Once you have been reported you cannot open an account until you clear it up. You must pay any balance you owe to other banks before you can open a new account.

3. Resolve Checking Account Problems

There may be times that you experience problems with your checking account. It could be a discrepancy with the amount you should have in the bank, a lost deposit, or a stolen checkbook. When you contact your bank for help, remember to remain calm, and you will receive much more help that way. If you have overdrawn your account, you need to resolve the problem quickly, so that you do not get reported to ChexSystems.

4. Checking Account Questions

There may be times when you have a question about your checking account. You may need to speak to someone at your bank about the specific policies they have for your account. Here is a list of commonly asked questions.

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