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Can a Car Rental Save Me Money?


A car rental is one alternative to buying a car. It can save you money, especially if you do not use a car regularly. Additionally you may be able to rent a car occasionally and make do with an older less reliable car for the majority of the time. Often car rentals are overlooked as a solution to a number of problems. Here five times when you should consider car rental instead of purchasing a car.

1. Car Rental: Owning vs Renting in a Big City

If you live in a large city with good public transportation, there may not be any need for you to purchase a car. You can take care of your daily needs within the city through public transportation. In fact this may be quicker than trying to drive a car in all of that traffic. If you plan a road trip or need a car for a day renting a car once a month would be cheaper than paying for the car insurance, and parking costs of owning a car in the city.

2. Car Rental: Planning a Roadtrip

Often people think of car rentals when the go on vacation and are flying to their destinations. However, it can make sense to rent a car for a road trip. This may be a good idea if you do not own a car or if the car you have is not very reliable. It puts the mileage on another vehicle, and you have the added protection of the car rental company helping you out if you were to break down.

3. Car Rental: Errands Around Town

Moving or transporting big items is another great time to consider a car rental. If you cannot find a truck or large car to borrow, you can always rent one. In fact you can split the cost with friends if you have several people who need to move just one or two items, by coordinating your efforts you can all save money and help each other out. Joining a car share is a good option for these types of errands.

4. Car Rental: Special Occasions

For special occasions, you may consider upgrading your car by renting. If you are planning to propose or you are attending a really classy event and your car just will not cut it, renting a car for the day can save you money. In fact renting a car occasionally through the year will save you money as compared to purchasing a luxury automobile to use every day.

5. Car Rental: Vacations

Finally, car rentals can make your vacation easier. It is always fun to choose a new or different model and have an extended test drive while on vacation. This can help you make a wise purchase when you do decide it is time to buy a car.

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