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New Year's Resolutions: Financial Goals

Four Vital Areas to Focus Your Goals On


Any time that you want to change your financial picture, you need to start by setting financial goals. Many people look at the New Year as a good time to begin making changes in your life. In order for your changes and goals to be successful, you should set goals with small attainable steps that will help you to achieve the goals that you are setting. A good support system will help you reach your financial resolutions. You should also consider the ways you are sabotaging your financial success. It's also important to take time throughout the year to monitor your progress towards reaching your goals. As you plan for the new year there are four areas that you should consider when looking at your financial picture.

1. Goals to Help You Gain Control of Your Budget

Getting control of your budget is the first step in taking control of your finances. If you are not tracking your spending, and spending less than you earn, then you cannot achieve your other financial goals. If you are struggling with sticking a to a budget or if you have never had a budget, learn some basic goals and practices that will make budgeting easier and more effective. A budget will make it easier to change your financial habits, because it will help you recognize the things you need to change.

2. Goals to Help You Get Out of Debt

Getting out of debt is the second step in changing your financial picture. It is important to realize that if you are going into debt, any money that you save is negated by the amount that you go into debt. You should make it your first priority to get out of debt and then focus on your savings goals. Learn what you can do to set up a debt payment plan that will speed up the process, and ways that you can find more money to apply to your debt. As you reach milestones on getting out of debt, you may want to reward yourself to help you stay motivated throughout the year.


3. Goals to Help You Increase Your Savings

Saving and investing your money are important if you truly want to begin building wealth. You need to set savings goals that you can reach in a certain amount of time. You should be aware of what you are spending and saving. When you stop going into debt for your major purchases that means you need to save for them in advance. Additionally you can save money to help build your wealth.

4. Goals to Help You Save for Retirement

Your retirement savings should be considered separately from your other savings goals. Your retirement savings are essential because it directly affects how comfortable you will be when you reach retirement. You may want to continue investing in retirement even if you are not out of debt. If you invest up to your employer’s match, then focus the rest of the income towards getting out debt you can do both things at the same time. Learn more about choosing the right retirement products for your situation.

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