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Learn to understand what taxes you are paying, and how to make the most of your deductions. You will also learn how to handle taxes if your are self-employed. You will also learn how to file your own taxes.
  1. Filing Your Taxes (19)
  2. Taxes for the Self Employed (4)
  3. Your Job and Your Taxes (5)

Why Shouldn't I Get a Large Tax Refund Every Year?
When you get a large tax refund each year, you are lending the government money that belongs to you, without earning any interest on it. Learn why it is important to get the right amount withheld each year.

Make a Plan to Spend Your Tax Refund
A large tax refund is like getting a sudden windfall of money. If you aren't careful you may end up spending more than you get back, and you will not benefit from getting the refund. Take the time now to come up with a spending plan so you can put the money to good use.

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