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Your Job

Learn about how to negotiate your salary, and how to calculate how much you will be bringing home in each paycheck. You will also learn to understand the benefits that you receive in addition to your salary.
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Tips to Increase Your Income
Often people are looking for easy ways to increase their income. This requires work, and planning, but there are options both part time and full time that can help you increase your income. Learn other people's tips and share your own to increase your income.

Buy Your Professional Wardrobe
Once you land your first real job, you are going to be expected to dress professionally, before you get paid. Learn how to get your professional wardrobe on a budget.

Four Ideas to Help You Make More Money
If you want to get out of debt or simply improve your quality of life, you may be looking for ways to increase your income. You may be looking for a way to supplement you income for a short term or for an option that may eventually grow enough to allow you to quit your job and focus solely on a new business or freelancing.

Choosing to Walk Away from Your Job
If you want to stay home with your children, you may have a lot of different factors to consider, be sure to include the difficulty you may face in returning to the workforce. There are strategies you can employ to make it easier to get a job.

How to Start Telecommuting
If you are looking for a flexible way to be at home during the day, a way to save money on gas or for a way to make extra money at home, you should consider telecommuting. You can take a full-time or part-time telecommuting job at home, while still having your traditional full time job or you can work on transitioning your current job into a...

How to Manage a Second Job
Working full time and getting a second part time job can be exhausting. It may be a good short-term solution to financial problem, but it is likely not the best long-term solution. It can cut into many aspects of your life. If you are taking on a second job, you need to plan carefully so that it is worth your time.

Tell Us About Your First Job Out of College
Share your story about your first job out of college and the things that helped you get the job. If you are just starting to look for a job or you want to learn about other people's experiences, reac what others have to say. See submissions

Ideas for Your Office Holiday Gift Exchange
There are several different ways that offices handle gift exchanges. Some offices will allow people to choose to participate in an official exchange and people will draw a name from a hat and buy gift for one person. Generally there is a price limit set on those gifts. Other offices do a white elephant gift exchange, with a preset price. Other...

Should I Move When My Significant Other Gets a Job Offer Out of State?
The answer depends on whether or not your career or your relationship is most important to you, and whether or not you can achieve the same career success if you move. Each situation will have a different answer. Learn what things you should consider when faced with this question.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Go Back to Graduate School
Going back to graduate school may seem like the solution to all of your financial and career related problems. However it may only make the situation worse. You should carefully consider these questions before taking the plunge.

Set Effective Goals to Reach Your Dream Job
Career goals will help you successfully plan your career path after you graduate from college. Although, your goals may shift, it is better to have a clear plan in mind so that you understand what you are working towards and what you need to do to land your dream job.

How Can I Tell It Is Time to Move on to a New Job?
If you are ready for a new job, you may be wondering if now is the right time to start looking. Learn what questions you should ask yourself before you start looking.

Should I Work for More Money Even with More Stress?
When you take a job, you need to balance your stress with your salary and personal life. if you are in a stressful job you may want to cut back to enjoy life more. Learn what questions to ask yourself before you cut back.

What If I Don't Qualify for Unemployment Benefits?
You can be without a job and not qualify for unemployment benefits. Newly graduated college students do not qualify for benefits, and often struggle to find a job. If you find yourself jobless with no benefits there are steps you can take to protect your finances.

What Should I Do When My Job Stops Paying Me?
When your job stops paying you, or pays you late, you may need to look for a new job. Learn to spot the warning signs and how to decide if it is time to move on.

Five Biggest Career Mistakes in Your Twenties
When you first start working, the choices you make can affect your future jobs. Learn five mistakes you should avoid making at your first job.

Make the Most of Your Holiday Job
A holiday job is a good way to earn a bit of extra money to help you get back on track. Learn how to make the most of your holiday job.

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