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Money in Your 20s: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Many Exemptions Should You Claim on Your...
Learn when you should adjust your paycheck withholdings, and an easy way to discover how many exemptions you should be claiming each year.
What's the Difference Between a Credit Card and...
Credit cards and debit cards are very similar. You can use them in the same places, but there is one fundamental difference between the two accounts. Learn what that is and which one is the right choice for you to use.
What Forms Do I Need to File My Taxes?
Before you file your taxes you should make sure that you have received all of your forms from your employer, your bank, and your investments. Learn what these forms are.
How Much Money Should You Save Each Month?
You know it is important to save money each month, but how do you determine the right amount for you? You need to choose based on your budget.
Learn the Most Important Reasons to Save Money
Learn the top reasons to save your money. Saving your money will help you to reach your financial goals, provide financial security and enable you to have fun with the money you have now. You can save for purchases instead of going into debt to get them.
Why Can't I Seem to Follow My Budget?
If your budget isn't working for you, you need to carefully consider a few things. Your budget may not be working for a variety of reasons, and until you figure out what they are you can't fix the problem. These simple questions can help you to address the issues that stop you from managing your money effectively.
How To Close Your Checking Account
If you are moving, or just looking for a new bank, you need to know how to close your checking account. These steps will take you through the process.
Top 3 Ways to Make Your Money Work for You
Learn the three most important things that you can do to make the most of your money. By applying these three things to your money management you will build great financial wealth.
Why Did They Place a Hold on My Checking Account?
If you have been told that the bank is placing a hold on a deposit you made to your account, you may wonder why and what it actually means.
How Will Selling My Stocks Affect My Taxes?
When you sell an investment, then you are responsible to report that income on your taxes. You only need to report the profit that you have received from the stock, which means the difference in the price that you purchased the stock at and the price that you sold it for.
Money Orders, Bank Checks, and Cashiers Checks
Many people confuse money orders, bank checks and cashier checks, since they are used to guarantee funds for payment. Learn the differences.
I Can't Cover the Bills on My Current Income
If you are having a hard time paying for your basic expenses you need to fix the situation now. Learn five things to do to turn the situation around.
How to Buy Your First Home
Buying your home is huge commitment and a time consuming process. It is important that you understand each of the steps or stages that you must go through on your way to home ownership
I Can't Afford My Payment! What Should I Do?
It can be frustrating to realize just how much your car payment is. You need to carefully asses your situation and decide what is best for you.
Will Paying Off My Old/Bad Debts Raise My...
Paying off old debts may not make an immediate change in your credit score, but it can help you to qualify for a mortgage. It does affect the way that banks view you as a risk.
How to Manage a Second Job
Working a second job may be the only way that you can get out of debt or save money to buy a house. Learn tips to make it more manageable.
How To Pay Off Old Debt
If you have debt that you haven't paid on in a long time, you may be wondering what to do about it. It is important to take care of the debt. Often you can work out settlements that can save you money, and clear up your credit report at the same time.
Understanding Your Paycheck Withholdings
Learn exactly what is paying withheld from your paycheck and why. You will learn what all those abbreviations mean and where they are going.
How To Sell My Car When I Still Owe Money On It
Learn how to sell your car when you are upside down on your car loan. This can help you clean up your debt and manage your budget.
How To Set Up a Budget
Learn the seven essentials steps you need to follow to set up a successful budget. These easy steps will streamline the budgeting process. This basic budget also allows you to adjust your categories as your needs adjust.
How to Amend Your Tax Return
You may have just filed your taxes when you get another tax form in the mail. It means that you need to amend your taxes. Learn the basic steps you need to take to correct your tax return.
Are You Ready to Move Out?
If you have been living at home, you may be anxious to move out. You need to be prepared financially before you take on the responsibility.
Can I Work and Go to College?
Working while in college can be a difficult juggling act, but there are many benefits to working part time to help put yourself through school.
What Types of Insurance Do I Need?
Learn the what type of insurance coverage you should get, and the insurance policies that you are safe not having.
What Does It Mean to Be Vested in My 401(k)?
When you are vested in your 401(k), it means that you can take your contributions and your employer's matching contributions with you when you leave your job. You need to speak to your human resources department to see how your employer deals with these questions.
Choosing the Right Account for Your Emergency...
It is important that your emergency fund be kept in an account where you have easy access to the money. Learn the best account options for you.
5 Myths About Credit Cards
People feel they need credit cards for many reasons.Learn the five most common reasons people need a credit card and how you can manage without them.
Should I Roll My Old Car Loan Into My New One?
If you need to buy a new car to replace an old one, you may be considering different types of financing, including rolling your old loan into your new one. This can be quite expensive and make it so you are upside down on your loan.
Can I Have Checking Accounts at Multiple Banks?
There are many reasons why you may need to have different bank accounts. If you are operating a business in your name, you may want to keep that money separate from your personal accounts. You may also want to keep a separate account to cover certain expenses or to take out a loan at a different bank.
How To Rent Your First Apartment
Renting your first apartment can be a daunting process. Learn how to rent your first apartment. You will also find places to find better deals on your rent.
Four Ideas to Help You Make More Money
If you are having a hard time making ends meet, or saving for a house, you may be looking for ways to increase your income. Learn four ideas.
Before You File Your Taxes
Filing your taxes can be much simpler than you realize. Taking the time to carefully consider your filing options will save you time and money. Learn the seven things to consider before you sit down to file your taxes.
What Happens If I Don't Sign Up for Health...
The Affordable Care Act enacted penalties if you do not get health insurance. Learn the consequences if you do not sign up for health insurance.
5 Ways to Increase Your Income
When you are in an income crisis, you need to find a long-term solution to increase your income. Learn give options you can pursue.
How To Catch Up on Late Payments
If you find that you are behind on your bills or payments, it can quickly turn into a negative cycle. Learn what you can do to turn the situation around quickly.
How To Buy Your First Car
There is no reason to stress when buy your first car. Learn the steps you should follow to find a reliable car that you can afford.
Help! I Can't Open a Checking Account, What Are...
If you can't open a checking account, you may be wondering how you are going to be able to pay your bills, buy groceries or simply function financially. It is possible to get buy without a checking account.
How To Use a Credit Card to Build Credit
Learn four steps that can help you use a credit card to build your credit. Credit cards can ruin your credit, but these steps will help prevent that.
What Is a Pension Plan?
Your company may offer you a pension plan instead of a 401(k). Learn how a pension plan is different and how you need to plan your retirement with a pension plan.
How To File Self-Employment Taxes
If you are self-employed you need to know how to pay your self-employment taxes. Learn five basic steps to help you pay your taxes correctly and on time.
When Your Spouse Won't Participate in a...
One of the most frustrating things you can deal with is when your spouse is not on board with your financial plan. It is disheartening when you are in a difficult financial situation, and you feel like you are all alone in the situation. Here are some common problems and possible solutions to fix the problem and get your spouse on board.
Should I Pay Off My Student Loans Early?
There are a wide variety of benefits to paying off student loans early Learn the benefits of working to get rid of your student loan debt now.
Should I Only Pay the Minimum Payment on My...
When it comes time to pay off your credit cards, you are going to need to get aggressive in the amount you pay each month. The minimum payment amount is usually just a bit more than the interest you are accumulating each month. If you really want to see a difference, then you will need to pay more.
How to Deal With Your Creditors When You Can't...
It can be difficult when you can't meet your monthly obligations. It is important to contact your creditors right away and explain the situation to them. You should also work to increase your income as quickly as possible.
Finances and Breaking Off Relationships
The break up of a serious relationship can be difficult, especially if you were sharing expenses or living together. Learn how to recover financially when you break up with your live in boyfriend or girlfriend.
A Guide to Debt Settlement
Debt settlement may be a good option for someone who is already behind on debt payments. It may not be the best choice if you are still current on your payments. Learn how to decide whether or not you should use debt settlement ot get out of debt.
How To Set Up a Debt Payment Plan
If you are serious about getting out of debt you need a debt payment plan to accomplish your goal quickly. You will learn how to set up a debt payment plan by deciding which debts to pay off first as well as the fastest way to do so.
What Is Budget Billing?
Budget billing is a service that many utility companies offer to their customers. It allows the customers to have a set price on their monthly statements. Learn if this service is right for you.
What If I Can't Find a Job?
With the difficult job market you may be having a hard time finding a job. Learn what you can do to survive financially while you look.
Help! I Have to Pay for College Myself
Paying for college may seem overwhelming, especially when your parents can't help you, but it is possible to pay for college yourself. Learn how.
Before You Take Out a Student Loan
Learn the steps you need to take before you borrow money for school. These steps will help you to save money and reduce your student loan debt.
How To Protect Yourself After Your Checkbook Is...
Learn the five steps you need to take to protect yourself once your checkbook is stolen. This will help you to handle this event quickly and efficiently.
Before You Borrow Money
Many people fail to consider the implications and commitments that they make when they borrow money. It is important that you carefully consider several things before you decide whether or not you should take out a loan.
Three Advantages of Online Banking
Online banking is an easy and effective way to manage your money. It helps you to keep track of your transaction, and manage your money. It also helps you to stick to your budget, since you find out about forgotten transactions much sooner.
Is An Accountant or a Financial Planner Better?
An accountant or a financial planner can help you take control of a complicated financial situation. It is important that you trust your accountant and financial planner. You should do your research carefully before choosing one.
Tax Breaks for Students and New Grads
Whether you have just graduated, or if you are still in school there are tax credits and deductions you can claim because of your college expenses. Learn what expenses you qualify for, and what you need to claim them.
Should I Use the Financial Advisor Through My...
When looking for a financial advisor many people turn to their bank to find one. But you may be asking yourself if this is the right choice to make. How do you decide if this the right financial advisor for you?
Should I Choose a Traditional Health Insurance...
Traditional insurance plans offer deductibles and copayments and high deductible plans have you pay a good deal up front. Learn which is best for you.
What Is ChexSystems?
If you have been reported to ChexSystems you may be wondering what you can do to take care of this problem. ChexSystems can have a crippling affect on the way that you handle your finances.
Should I Choose a Traditional or Roth IRA?
When choosing your IRA, you may be trying to decide the advantages with a traditional vs Roth IRA. Learn the advantages of each type of account.
What Is a Payday Loan?
A payday loan is a loan with extremely high interest payments. It is a short-term loan that is offered through a business and not a bank. Payday loans can create a vicious cycle for the borrower.
You Don't Have to Borrow Money to Pay for College
If you are balking at borrowing money to pay for college, there are alternatives to student loans.You can graduate from college debt free.
Making it Between College and Your First Job
Many people find the time between graduating from college and finding your first job difficult. This guide will help you survive it.
Secured Loans
Secured loans are guaranteed by collateral. Secured loans often have lower interest rates because the banks are taking less of a risk to loan the customer the money. Common secured loans are mortgages and car loans. Learn more about secured loans.
How To Recover From Being Overdrawn
Learn the five steps you need to take to stop yourself from being sucked into the overdraft cycle. By acting quickly you can turn this negative situation around and stop it from happening again.
Understanding Your Employee Benefits
Once you start working you will begin receiving many employee benefits. It is essential that you understand these employee benefits and take full advantage of them.
How Do I Make Extra Payments on My Loans?
Everyone knows you can pay off a loan more quickly by applying additional payments to the loan, but you should consider additional payments fees and other factors when deciding when and how to make the extra payments. Learn how to put your extra payments to the best use.
High Interest Saving Account Options
Savings accounts with high interest rates are a great option for your emergency fund. There are several options available to you when you are looking for a high interest savings accounts.
How to Save Money in Your Twenties
Establishing a solid habit of saving money while in your twenties will make it easier to be successful in your financial life.
Should I Lease a Car?
Leasing a car may seem to be a good idea on the surface, but how does it fit in with your long term financials goals. Learn whether or not leasing a car will save you money and help you to build your wealth.
How to Put a Stop Payment on a Check That Is...
If a check is lost or stolen, you will need to put a stop payment on your check. Learn the steps and other signs to watch for after a check is stolen.
Your employer may offer a 401(k) option for your retirement. Learn what a 401(k) plan is and how to use it to help you reach your goals.
How To Budget as a Couple
Learn the best way to begin budgeting together. This tutorial will help you get started and help you end money fights before they start.
Should I Move When My Significant Other Gets a...
Making the decision to stay in a relationship when one of you gets a good job offer in another part of the country can be difficult. You need to consider several factors before you make your decision. It is important to be open and honest throughout the discussion.
How To Clear Up Your ChexSystems Report
If you have been reported to ChexSystem, you may have a difficult time opening up a checking account. Learn what you can do to improve your chances at being able to open a checking account.
Is Buying a Car an Investment?
Many people mistakenly think that buying a car is an investment, but cars decrease in value over time, and it should not be considered an investment.
Get Control of Your Budget
These five budgeting goals will help you take control of your finances and make a big difference in the way that you manage your money.
Six Easy Ways to Save Money
Learn six super easy ways to save more money each month. These tricks will help you to save money without even thinking about it.
Managing Your Money While in College
Good money habits begin in college learn five basics things you can do to improve your financial outlook and build a solid future once you graduate.
Are You House Poor?
If you find that you are financially strapped each month because of your mortgage, you may be house poor. Learn what you can do to fix the situation and prevent it from happening again.
Before You Begin Investing: Five Things to...
Are you ready to begin investing? Investing for the first time can be intimidating. Learn five specific areas that you should consider before you begin investing.
5 Things You Forget to Include in Your Budget
If you are having a hard time sticking to your budget, you may be forgetting to include some items in your budget. There are a few categories that many people overlook including in their budget or they do not realize how much they spend on them. Here are five common things people forget to include in their budget.
How To Dispute an Incorrect Medical Bill or...
Medical billing errors are quite common. It is important to watch your statements and bills carefully so that you are not overcharged. It is possible to dispute a charge, though it may take time and work.
7 Signs You Don't Make Enough Money
Learn the seven signs that will tell if you do not make enough money. If you have any of these signs, you need to take steps to change your situation.
How To Balance Your Checkbook
Learn the basic steps to balancing your checkbook. Everyone should know how to do this the old fashioned way--without a computer. This article additionally walks you through the steps that your computer program will have you complete.
Where Can I Open an IRA?
When you open an IRA, there are many investment options you can choose from. Learn the different options available in your own IRA account.
How To Switch to Cash Only for Your Budget
Paying cash to cover all of your expenses may seem intimidating at first, but it is a great way to limit your spending. You can use this method to stop any leaks that you may have in your budget. Learn how to do make the switch easily.
Do I Need an Accountant to File My Taxes?
An accountant offers information that will help you to file your taxes effectively, but if you situation is not complicated you can file them yourself. Learn how to determine if you need an accountant or not.
Student Loan Payment Options
If you are having a hard time paying your student loans, learn what options are available to help you reduce your student loan payments.
Buying a New Car vs Buying a Used Car
If you are in the market for a car, you may be trying to decide a new or a used car. There are a variety of factors that may influence your decision.
Before You Buy a Car
Learn the four most important things to consider before you buy a car. These rules will help you avoid making any mistakes and can save you money.
Check to See If You Qualify for These Tax Credits
Tax credits can help you to reduce your tax bill in the same way tax deductions do. Learn what tax credits you qualify for.
Are U.S. Savings Bonds a Good Investment?
U.S. Savings bonds used to be one of the primary means that many people used to save for school. However as the laws for school saving have changed many people are beginning to move to other options. Learn whether or not you should consider U.S. savings bonds as an option for your saving and investing needs.
Programs to Help You Pay for College
The AmeriCorps and Teach for America programs are designed to help you pay for college. AmeriCorps can be done while you are attending school or just after you graduate and the Teach for America program is designed to help you after you have graduated. This programs emphasize giving back to the community.
Is There a Tax Break on Student Loan Interest?
You can take a deduction for your student loan interest. The deduction can be taken even if you do not itemize your taxes. Learn more about it and when you should take advantage of the student loan interest tax deduction.
What Happened to My Raise?
When you get a raise, you may be excited about the extra money you will have each month. however, you may find that the raise is not affecting your take home pay the way you wanted it to. Learn where your money may be going.
How to Make the Most of Your Paycheck
Learn three easy things you should do to make the most of your paycheck. These things can help you lower taxes and take full advantage of the many benefits that your job offers you.
Save Money on Groceries
Many people struggle to cut their spending on their grocery bill. However, you can save money on groceries by employing these six strategies.
How To Resolve Discrepancies with Your Bank...
You may discover that you have discrepancies between the ledger of your checking account and what the bank has recorded. You may also discover that you have unauthorized transactions. These problems need to be resolved. Learn the steps you need to follow to resolve the problem.
Monthly Budget
When you are paid on a monthly basis, it can be difficult to make your paycheck last for the entire month. Learn tips to help you make a monthly budget work for you.
What Is Furlough?
Furlough is when you have a forced unpaid leave. The advantages of furlough are that you keep your job, and your benefits. However you do lose your pay and your income.
How Do I Begin to Build Wealth?
It can be difficult to make the leap between saving money and investing. However, it is an important step in the wealth building process. You may be unsure of how to proceed or afraid of losing your money, but investing will help to truly build wealth.
Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
There are several different student loan forgiveness programs available to you, if you need help paying off your student loans. Most of the programs are for federal student loans, if you have private student loans you will need to pay them off yourself.
Should I Use the Investment Services at My Bank
Many banks offer investment services to their more affluent clients. You may be able to take advantage of these services if you sign up with an automatic transfer. You may want to consider the options your bank has in addition to other investment firms.
Do I Really Need a Down Payment When I Purchase...
The traditional rule is to have between ten to twenty percent saved up for the purchase of your first home. This is a good rule, but many lenders are offering alternative financing when it comes to purchasing a home, but there are benefits to having a down payment saved up.
Should I Buy My Life Insurance Through Work?
When you are shopping for life insurance you may be tempted to use the plan that your work offers. Learn why you may not choose to use this life insurance.
How To Buy Your Professional Wardrobe
Buying your first professional wardrobe can be expensive. Here are tips to help you save money while still dressing professionally.
What If I Can't Afford Health Care?
If you are truly broke, and you need medical care, you should get it. Many cities offer free clinics that offer sliding scale fees based on your income.
Before You Open a Bank Account
Learn the five things you should consider before you open a new banking account. This will help you t save you money in fees and other charges.
Why Shouldn't I Get a Large Tax Refund Every...
Many people look at tax refunds as a great way to save money or as an annual bonus to help cover expenses, but you can use the money throughout the year instead of letting the government have it all year long.
Certificate of Deposit (CDs)
A certificate of deposit (CD) locks your money in at a set interest rate for a certain period of time. A CD can be a useful savings tool for specific goals. However, there are negative aspects to using a CD as a primary investment tool.
Why Isn’t My Money Available at My Bank?
When you make a deposit, you may expect to be able to access your money at the bank right away. Learn why your money may not be available right away.
Alternatives to Foreclosure
When you have difficulty making your house payment, you may be in a situation where you can no longer afford your home. It is important to be proactive and make decisions that are based on your financial situation and not your emotional response to the situation. Learn what you can do to improve your situation.
Paying Medical Bills with No Health Insurance
When you don't have health insurance medical expenses can add up. You need to take a proactive approach to dealing with your medical bills.
Self-Employment: Taking Care of Yourself
Learn the areas you need to plan to cover when you are self-employed and the tax savings available to you as you take care of each of these areas.
Is Real Estate a Good Investment?
Real estate can be an excellent investment, but you need to be sure that you are ready to purchase and pay for expenses that come with owning investment properties.
Before You Buy Renter's Insurance
Renter's insurance is an easy way to protect your valuables. It is affordable and easy to obtain. Learn how much you need and things you should consider before you purchase your policy.
Will Debt Consolidation Help Me Get Out of Debt?
What is a debt consolidation loan? Is it the right option for you? Understand how debt consolidation will affect you in the long run.
Basic Investing Steps
Once you are ready to start investing it is important that you understand what you are investing in. You can learn basic investing advice from your financial planner, but it is also important to understand the investing tools you choose to use.
My Account has Been Sent to Debt Collections....
It can be scary and frustrating when you have debt collectors contacting you about debts that are overdue, especially if you do not have the money to pay them pay back. Learn how to deal with your debt collectors effectively.
Slash Your Food Bill: Stop Eating Out
Fast food can quickly eat through your food budget. Cutting back on eating out is an easy way to save. Learn tips to help you stop buying fast food.
What Is Sallie Mae?
You may have heard the term Sallie Mae and be wondering what everyone is referring to. Sallie Mae is a large student loan provider, but used to be a government agency. Learn more here.
Advantages of Credit Unions
Credit unions offer a customer friendly model with a focus on the best service and accounts possible. Learn if a credit union is right for you.
A Guide to Moving in With Your Parents
If you are contemplating moving back in with your parents temporarily, you need a survival guide. Learn the strategies you can use to make it work.
Before You 6 Things to Do Before You Budget
One of the keys to successful budgeting is to understand why you are budgeting and to give your budget a real purpose. If you sit down before you begin your budget and make a list of the goals that you want to achieve and look at your financial picture you will be more successful at sticking to your budget. It also helps you shape your budget to match your financial goals.
Charitable Giving - Take Advantage of the Tax...
When you give money or good to charity, you do have the opportunity to claim that amount on your taxes. However, the IRS has set up specific guidelines about what you can claim and how to claim it. Learn the basics so you can claim the money now.
Should I Get a Second Mortgage?
A second mortgage is an additional loan against the equity of your house. Some people use a second mortgage as a down payment on their new home. Others will take out a second mortgage later on. But second mortgages do have some risks. Learn if you should get a second mortgage.
What to Do When You've Maxed Out Your Credit...
Maxing out all of your credit cards is a sign that you are spending more than you make, You need to work quickly to correct the problem.
How To Track Your Expenses
Learn how to effectively track your expenses so that you can make your budget work for you. Once you set up a system, it is easy.
Understanding and Using Your Health Insurance...
When you first get your own health insurance policy, you may be confused at what is your responsibility and how to handle the bills. Many people think they just go to the doctor and pay the co-payment and that is all you need to worry about. But you are responsible for all costs not covered by your insurance company.
Why Are Savings Account Rates So Low?
The interest rates on savings accounts are determined by the current interest rate set by the Federal Reserve Board. Learn how the rate is determined and alternative savings options.
What is the Difference Between Saving and...
It is important to understand the similarities and differences between saving and investing your money. It is also important to be sure that you are doing both within your budget and wealth building plan. Basically saving money is putting money aside on a regular basis. You spend less money than you earn and put the rest into the bank. You should have this be an automatic part of your monthly budget.
Why Do I Need Health Insurance?
Everyone needs health insurance. It protects against medical debt and protects you if you have a serious illness. Learn why you need health insurance.
Checking Accounts
Learn the basics of managing your checking account. You'll learn how to determine which account is the right one for you and things you can do to properly manage your checking account.
How Will Owning Stocks Affect My Taxes?
When you have investments, you can be taxed on the capital gains and any dividends that you receive from the company. It is important to understand the implications of owning taxes, so you are not surprised at tax time.
Should I Convert My Term Life Insurance Policy...
Converting your term life insurance policy into a whole life policy may not be the wisest financial move. Learn why.
What Is the Difference Between No Credit...
When you have no credit history, it means that you do not have anything on your credit report. This is not a difficult thing to overcome.
How Will Investing in My 401(k) Affect My Take...
Many people are hesitant to invest in their 401(k) plans because they are worried about lowering their take home pay, but it may only be slightly affected.
What Is the Difference Between a Home Equity...
There is a difference between the way that a home equity line and a second mortgage work, but both are put against the equity that you have in your home. Learn the differences and which one is right for you.
Stretch Your Paycheck
Many people would like to do more with less. There are some things to make your paycheck go further.
Manage Your Personal Finances
Managing your personal finances is an important key to being successful. Your personal finances will affect all aspects of your life. Poor management means you may not reach other goals you have set for yourself. Learn five keys that can help you gain control now.
5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Go Back...
On the surface graduate school may be very appealing. It can open more job opportunities, and increase your earning potential. However it may not be the right decision for everyone. If you do not increase your earning potential substantially the cost of the school may not outweigh the benefit.
Take Advantage of Your Tuition Reimbursement...
If you can take advantage of a tuition reimbursement program, you should definitely consider it. This can help improve your earning potential and get the degree you have always wanted at a lower cost than you originally expected. Each tuition reimbursement program is slightly different, which makes it important to completely understand your program before you take advantage of it.
Don't Let Your Money Ruin Your Marriage
When you get married creating a plan on how you handle your money is one of the most important things you can do to make your marriage easier.
How to Budget Successfully
It’s one thing to sit down and decide you need to budget. Most people realize that, even though they don’t successfully manage to budget. Many will even sit down look at their expenses and bills and come up with the ideal budget that allows them to continue to spend money on the things most important to them or that sets goals that just can’t be achieve. The key to really being successful at budgeting is to take a multi-step approach to budgeting.
IRAs at Your Bank
Your bank should offer IRA accounts. These accounts are different then the IRAs available at your bank
Five Steps to an Effective Financial Plan
It is important to have a financial plan at any age. The sooner you create a long-term financial plan, the better off you will be in the long-term.
How To Set Up an Envelope Budgeting System
The envelope budget is one of the simplest budgets to follow. If you hate tracking your expenses, and worrying about your money every night then this system is for you. Since it is cash based, you simply stop spending money when it runs out.
How To Find a Financial Planner
A financial planner can help you to reach your financial goals more quickly. It is important to find a financial planner that will work with your personality and goals.
How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
When you live paycheck to paycheck each little emergency becomes a full-fledged crisis. Learn what you can do to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

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