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Readers Respond: Best Holiday Gift Giving Tips

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From the article: Christmas Gift Tips
Christmas shopping can be stressful. It's hard to find the perfect present for all of your friends and family and still stay on budget. Share and learn the best Christmas gift giving tips.

Gift Cards

I stop the worry and the stress by giving gift cards. I know where my friends and family like to shop or eat and I give them cards to here. That way I don't have to worry if they already have something or about sizes. And I'm done in less than an hour.
—Guest Dan

Shop In July

I start shopping for next year right away. It lets me find the perfect gifts and at a great price. Sure I have a few last minute adjustments to make at the end of the year, but most of my stress is gone.
—Guest Trina

Black Friday Sales

The Black Friday Sales are how I get the majority of my Christmas shopping done. Plus I love the adrenaline rush of fighting the crowd and getting the best deal.
—Guest Sandy

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