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Readers Respond: Tips to Increase Your Income

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Share the ways that you have been able to increase your income. If you have a great freelance idea or a small business to start or a way to get a promotion or raise at work share your successes and ideas.

I wish

I wish our government would follow this very elementary yet sage advice. When you don't have the money, cut expenses! The first thing to cut is always the "fat" entertainment, eating out and other monies you would spend only for your own enjoyment or comfort...take a hint government (especially the current president and family) 17 trillion in debt means no more vacations or golf retreats on the tax payer dime. 17 trillion in debt means revoking the obamacare act (so called affordable healthcare act) which promises to drive us above 25 trillion in debt within the next 5 years. Take some advice from this blog, start using the practical budget method that most people have been using since they were 5 years old and earned an allowance.
—Guest Wiseguy

I'm in the hole

I'm a single mother of 2. I only have the things I need (roof over our heads, utilities, food, car, insurance, phone, and daycare) and with my $9.53/hr job, I'm only making about half of what I need to make. Daycare is killing me, the schedules I have to work (I'm looking for a different job) require a lot of daycare. and right more I'm paying $600 for one child in daycare alone, and soon I'll need daycare for both girls when school is out ..... what do I do?
—Guest Amanda

Looking for a way

I'm 26 years old and disabled. I have not been able to draw disability because I hadn't worked in over 3 years while attending school. I've been fighting with disability for over a year but even if I do finally get approved my benefits wouldn't be but 700$ a month. In the area I live in, that only barely covers rent. I can't move from this area as my family lives here and I need to remain close to them because of my disability. I have been getting tremendous financial help from them for the past 3 years and they just can't afford to help financially anymore. I am on food stamps (200$ a month) but do not qualify for any other government program because I have no children. My disability lawyer has already submitted every assistance application there is. The moral here is that sometimes you can't change your financial situation. No matter how hard you try. I tried my best and got over 17,000$ in medical bills because of it.
—Guest Ryan

Using my skills for increasing my income

Apart from my fixed salaries , which I am drawing , I also work to financial consultancy, i.e., preparation and review of financial statements and notes to be pointed. But I am searching and trying too to earn money from whatever I can market my writing skills on to the internet and computer.
—Guest Rashid Pervez

if you can't manage in salary

If you can't manage in your salary, most people do what is not important first spend. Instead stop the not important spending or try to grow your salary to work batter then before to help you manage that amount.
—Guest jitendra mimrot

I Went Back to School

I didn't want to go to college when I first graduated from high school, but after a few years, I realized I needed a degree to be able to afford to do everything I wanted. I went back part time at first, and then full time. I've more than doubled what I was making before I went. The extra work was worth it.
—Guest Mary

A Side Business

I started a side business. I work a few evenings a week as a web design consultant. It's easy to do, and I make a lot doing it. Eventually I'd like to grow my business to the point that I can quite my full -time job.
—Guest Matt

An Extra Job

I needed a little extra to catch up on my bills, so I took a part-time job for a few months. This was a temporary solution that helped me get back on my feet.
—Guest Mark

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