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Budget Isn't a Bad Word


Budgeting gets a bad rap. Many people groan when they hear the word, and it's hard to get enthusiastic about budgeting. But in reality it opens up doors and allows you to start managing your money more effectively. 

Get Started Budgeting
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10 Budget Busters That You Can Live Without

Learn ten items that can bust your budget, and cheaper alternatives to help you save. These 10 things are things people think they can't live without.

Help! My Bank Closed My Account

When your bank breaks up with you, you may be scrambling to manage your money and pay your bills. Learn what to do when your bank closes your account.

I Can’t Budget Because I’m Too Poor

When money is super tight, you may feel like you are too tight to budget. Things may not add up on paper, but a budget can still help you.

7 Strategies to Help You Save When Eating Out

If you are staying to stick your budget, but need to eat out there are things you can do to save money when you eat out.

How Do I Decide to Leave My Secure But Bad Job for a Riskier Better Job?

When you are in a bad job situation, you may want to find a new job. Learn the things you need to consider before transitioning to a new job.

You Don't Have to Borrow Money to Pay for College

If you are balking at borrowing money to pay for college, there are alternatives to student loans.You can graduate from college debt free.

Weekend Challenge 30: Measuring Your Progress

This weekend your challenge is to check back with your financial goals and see how if you are making progress towards reaching your goals.

7 Ways to Stop Dipping Into Your Savings Account

If you keep dipping into your savings, you will not be able to build wealth or reach your financial goals. Learn seven ways to stop.

15 Ways to Save Money Today

You should try to save money every day. Learn fifteen easy things you can tackle today to start saving money. These small things add up to big savings.

What Is The Hold Time for an Out-of-State Check?

When you deposit a large out-of-state check, your bank may put it on hold. Learn why, how long the hold may last, and what you can do in this situation.

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