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Is An Accountant or a Financial Planner Better?


Question: Is An Accountant or a Financial Planner Better?

Most people do not need an accountant. If you are extremely wealthy or own and operate a business you may consider getting an accountant to help you understand the laws surrounding your bookkeeping and taxes. If you have real estate property and rentals you may also consider getting an accountant.

Another reason someone may consider getting an accountant is when it is time to do your taxes. Again you should be able to do your taxes yourself with the tax preparation software, but if you own your own business or have the extra money or big investments you may consider finding a CPA or tax specialist to do your taxes for you. If you are ever confused one year, because you adopted a child, or had another unusual event, then getting an accountant can put your mind at rest. You may only need to visit the accountant for the one year.

If you are looking for advice on budgeting, getting out of debt or investing you may be looking for a financial planner. A financial planner can work in two different ways. One way is as an advisor who you pay a fee to help you plan a budget and work out a financial plan for you to build wealth. The other way is that the financial planner receives a commission on the products that he sells to you. A good financial planner will encourage you to get out of debt before you seriously begin investing your money. If you need help setting up your plan to get out of debt or your budget you may be better off finding a financial planner who you pay to meet with. This financial planner can also help you when you are ready to begin investing your money. Your bank may offer financial planning services or you can ask friends for referrals to their financial planners.

If you own your own business, your accountant and financial planner should be working together with you to help you realize your dreams. Some accountants also work as financial planners. It is important to trust both your financial planner and your accountant. They should be able to explain the issues regarding your finances in a way that you understand. You should understand the risks with each investment before you make it. As a small business owner, you should understand how your books are set up and the information you need to input each day. an accountant is a real asset if you own a small business. If you work for someone else, and your tax situation is fairly straightforward, then you can get by without utilizing the services of one. It is not a bad thing to see an accountant, but it may not be necessary to spend the money on one if your financial situation is simple and straightforward. You should carefully choose your accountant, by asking friends and relatives for recommendations, the same way you would with a financial planner.

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