1. Money

A Guide to Major Financial Milestones


Marriage, having children, buying your first home--these are all big decisions and deserve careful thought and planning. This section will guide you through these major decisions and help you to decide what is the best one for you.
  1. Getting Married
  2. Starting a Family
  3. Buying a House
  4. Buying a Car
  5. Building Wealth

Getting Married

Once you've decided to get married, it will change the way you live your life. Finances are one of the biggest stressors in any marriage. If you can start off working together on finances, your marriage will have a better chance of succeeding. If you are working together on your finances, you will be able to achieve great things together.

Starting a Family

Once you decide to have your children, your life will change. Having children can affect many areas of your life from the way you spend your free time to your finances. Don't let the financial aspects of having a child take you by surprise. By making the adjustments you need to before you have the baby, you'll be able to focus on your little one, once she comes.

Buying a House

When you buy your first home, you are making a huge investment. This can be a difficult process because you want to buy a house that you both love and can afford. It is important that you find a good realtor and get a home inspection. Learn what you should do when looking for the right home.

Buying a Car

Buying a car is a part of passage into adulthood, it is important to carefully research both the car and any loans that you take out. You need to be sure that you can afford the car as well.

Building Wealth

It is important to begin saving money and investing it so that you can build wealth. This will allow you to retire comfortably and even help your children out in the future. Learn the basic steps you need to take to get started.

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