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Learn the best ways to save and invest your money. Learn the best investing tools to grow your wealth. You will also learn the reasons to save money. Learn the best savings tools to reach your financial goals.
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Is Buying a Car an Investment?
Many people think that buying a car is an investment. While a car may be a necessities in some parts of the country, it generally is not a real investment. Learn why.

Should I Invest Even Though I Have Credit Card Debt?
Credit card debt can hold you back from building real wealth Learn whether or not you should invest when you have credit card debt.

How Can I Increase the Amount I Save?
It is important to set tangible goals when it comes to saving money and building wealth. Your savings goals can help you to achieve your dreams. You can save money to buy the beach house or to travel to Europe, or to retire early. The amount of wealth you build now will help you to live more comfortably when you are older.

What Are My Investing Options Once I'm Debt Free?
When you are out of debt, it is time to start saving and investing. Get your emergency fund put into place, and then begin focusing on what you can do about retirement and saving up to buy a home.

Should I Be Saving Money Other Than for Retirement?
It is important to consider more than just retirement when it comes to saving money. Paying cash for most items will save you money. Building real wealth will take more than just saving for retirement.

How Does a Slow Economy Affect My Investing Strategy?
When you are faced with a slowing economy, you may be wondering what your investing strategy should be. It can be tempting to pull your money out of the stock market completely and you may want to stop putting money in the stock market altogether. However, it is important to continue to invest, and not be scared of a slower or down economy.

How Much Money Should I Save Each Month?
The amount you save each month depends on your current financial situation. Learn the rules you should follow when deciding how much you should save.

What is the Difference Between Saving and Investing Money?
Saving and investing are two different things that you can do to begin building wealth. Learn the difference and why each is important.

Four Basic Investing Steps
Investing puts your money to work for you. Learn the first four basic steps to start inviting today.

How Do I Begin to Build Wealth?
To really begin to build wealth you need to begin investing your savings. This allows your money to work for you and makes it easier for you to grow your wealth.

How to Find a Financial Planner
Once you have straightened out your finances and begun to really save your money, you should begin to invest. If you do not understand the stock market and mutual funds a financial planner can help you take the next step. Learn what you need to do to find the right financial planner for you.

How Should I Prioritize My Savings Goals?
Prioritizing your savings goals makes it easy to make sure you are putting enough money towards retirement while still going on vacation. Your priorities may change as your situation changes.

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