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Should I Go Back to Get an Undergraduate Degree?


Question: Should I Go Back to Get an Undergraduate Degree?


If you decided to skip college and go straight into the workforce after high school or dropped out of college you may be considering going back and getting a Bachelor’s degree. This is a great plan and investment in yourself. It can greatly increase the amount that you earn and help you to work smarter instead of harder.

It is also important to realize that college is not for everyone. There are other options that will allow you to earn more money and find a job that you really will enjoy. You may consider going to trade school or getting a specific certification. Often these jobs will pay quite well and it may be something that is better suited to your personality and interests.

If you are going back to school as an older student, it is better to have a specific plan in mind before you go back. You may already know what you want to study, but if you do not make sure that every class you take will count towards graduation. This will help you to have your tuition covered if you want your employer to reimburse the cost of your tuition. Some employers will only cover classes that are directly related to your current job. If you want to make a career change after college, you may consider switching jobs now to a company that will help you finish school. This will give you experience in the field you are interested in and also provide you with your first job once you graduate.

Additionally, you may consider taking night classes or online classes so that you can continue to work full-time. This choice may depend on your current family and financial obligations. It is still important to try to graduate from college with as little debt as you possibly can. This means applying for scholarships, paying as you go and applying for grants. It may take longer to receive an undergraduate degree if you do not attend full-time, but the experience you gain in your current job will also benefit you once you are done with school. You may also qualify for tuition reimbursement through your current employer, which will make going back to school much easier. It can also take the burden off, if you are considering going back and you already have children.

Although it may be intimidating to return to school as an older student, it is important to remember that your previous life experience can also be considered an asset. You may have better time management skills and real life experience in the field that you are studying. You should also feel free to take advantages of the help offered by the college if you have a learning disability or other concerns. This can make returning to school and earning your degree much easier.


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