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A Review of oXYGen Financial Services


A financial planner can offer guidance and help you create a financial plan to help you build your wealth and retire comfortably. A good financial planner will look at all areas of your life, and cater a plan that fits your needs and goals. Generally, financial planners focus on older people who have a lot of money to invest. Rarely do financial planners work with people in their twenties and with a smaller asset base.

oXYGen Financial Services is a new company that is focused on helping the X and Y generation with their long term financial strategy. This is a company that offers financial planning services, and will sell investments and other financial tools to you. As with all financial products that you use, you will need to interview, and research your investments to be sure that they are meeting your needs.


  • Caters specifically to people in your current situation
  • Great website that brings your financial life together.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Offers a wide variety of financial services


  • Based in Atlanta though they do offer web conferences to make it possible to work with them if you live outside of the area.

A financial planner is an important tool when it comes to managing and growing your wealth. They act as advisors, research the market and explain it to you. Good financial planners will look at every aspect of your life and offer solutions and products that will protect your family. oXYGen Financial takes this approach of looking at your entire life, and its needs and then helps you plan for the future.

The website offers some unique features. It will automatically update all of your investments and back accounts so that you can easily see how your wealth is growing. It also has reports about your growth, and current stocks. There is a market watch section that lists your specific stocks and how they did during the day. This makes keeping up with your finances much easier. It also has a tool that allows you to upload and store your important documents so that you can access them from anywhere.

Another great feature are the number of financial calculators available on the site. Since the site has all of your information available for you, it is easy to use these calculators and create reports that allow you to see how your financial decisions will affect you. The reports are easy to access and understand. Additionally if you have questions, you can contact your financial advisor.

Additionally, you can give access to any other professionals that help you with your finances and planning, such as your lawyer. This means that all of your advisors can have access to the same information, which may help them to better understand your needs and your services. This a truly unique approach and it really allows you to focus your plan and work on it with everyone who may affect your finances. Your accountant, lawyer and financial planner may all give your advice about various aspects of your finances.

If you are looking for an investment firm who will help you with all aspects of your finances from financial planning to filing your taxes, you can find it here. They take a full service approach to helping you out. Since they help customers no matter what their income level is, you can be comfortable using them when you are ready to invest.

As with any financial advisor, it is important that you interview several and choose the one that best matches your needs and investing style. Your financial advisor should be able to explain your investments to you in a way that you understand, and should respect your decisions. You should not feel a lot of pressure to purchase specific products, but rather be given the choice between several with an explanation of the pros and cons. As you make the decision to choose a financial planner you should check their credentials and above all feel comfortable working with him. If you do not, then keep looking until you find one that does.

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