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Weekend Challenges to Help You Become Financially Fit

Make 2010 the year that you commit to becoming financially fit. This year you can make the changes that you need to in order to get ahead financially. It can be overwhelming to make huge budget changes or to begin to invest when you do not know where to begin, but this year through a series of Weekend Challenges you can begin to take control of your finances. The challenges will be designed to help you understand the basics of money management, and help you actually apply them to your budget.
  1. Weekend Challenges 2011 (5)
  2. Weekend Challenges Weeks 1-20 (20)
  3. Weekend Challenges Weeks 21-40 (20)
  4. Weekend Challenges Weeks 41-52 (12)

Financially Fit Step by Step
Make 2012 your year to succeed financially. Start the challenges and follow through and you should be in much better financial shape by the end of the year.

Weekend Challenge 19: Staying on Track
It is important to stay on track once you have started down a solid financial path. This weekend the challenge is designed to allow you to make sure you are still focused on reaching your financial goals.

Weekend Challenges 2011: Budgeting Take 2
This weekend the challenge is to find more money in your budget to reach your financial goals. Last week you set your financial goals and wrote down a basic budget. The budget did not necessarily include money to help you reach those goals. This week your challenge is to find extra money to reach your goals. If possible try to find an extra...

Weekend Challenges 2011: Evaluate Your Budget
This weekend your challenge is to evaluate your budget. You set up a realistic budget, and learned to manage it with computer software or other help, now you need to make sure it is really working for you.

Weekend Challenges 2011: Set UP Your Debt Payment Plan
Most people would tell you that you'd be better off if you were debt free, but most people don't do anything about it. You can get out of debt more quickly than you think. Learn how to set up a solid plan that will speed up the amount of time it takes you to get out of debt. With a concentrated effort and focus by attacking one debt at a time...

Weekend Challenges 2011: Retirement Savings
This weekend your challenge is to do a retirement check up. Most people in their twenties do not worry about their retirement, because it is years away. I do not think you need to spend time obsessing over how much you have in your portfolio or even really think about it, once you have set up a regular contribution to your retirement each month....

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