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Readers Respond: Do You Need a Credit Card?

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Do you need a credit card?

Absolutely not unless you like the feeling of having a gun to your head by the maffia. If you don't have the money you don't buy and you will be able to payoff way more and save more and accomplish much more in life without that damn plastic. So believe what you want but look at our greedy bankrupt country and tell me if we need credit cards. Use a debit card and save your money.
—Guest walt

I need credit card

I require a credit card because I am in the travel business.
—Guest Bhushakumar

Yes you need it

To play the "credit score" game. It's the lamest game ever created but what are you gonna do when everyone requires you to play. Stick to a low balance or secured card. Make major purchases with money you actually have in checkings/savings.
—Guest Mel

Not having a credit card feels good.

After paying my truck off gave me extra money, I cancelled my card witch was a good argument over the phone. My mother said to me "If you dig your self in a hole, stop digging." I only make 27k a year, better off opening a savings and just throw money in it as a back up.
—Guest Phil

No you dont!

You absolutely do not need a credit card! I make $80,000 and my wife makes around $50k and we dont use credit cards! Every purchase we make is on our debit card. The monthly mortgage payment ($3,000) the car payments ($1,200), and everything else. We do not need one. Four years ago we gave all of them up-all seven with $150k total in available credit. Now, we feel relieved that we dont have to worry about making one more payment!
—Guest Michael


With the econmy today ,it's necessary for some to use a credit card to buy food
—Guest Tony

Do you really need a credit card ???????

I understand needing a credit card for shopping on line with the exception that if a compant is worth anything they will give you the opption of a check or Debit card.(I know it will take longer to receive your purchase). ost rental car companies will accept your debit card! I Have a credit card(only one) that I use for gas and pending at COSTCO for gas ect ( always write done the date I used it so I don't forget)) off each month, but always find myself checking to make sure that I'm not late on the monthly due payment. My best advice is to do the best you can without one. Always ask yourself! DO I REALLY NEED THIS TODAY: Your kids will still love you and your special will understand and if not let them go. With that said, I make it simple, I just plan and put away enough cash to take a few week-ends to a special place with that special person. I learned this leasen a long time ago and now have enough $$$ to be happy and take care of that special person if I should go BY BY BY.

You do need a credit card

I am 40 and my husband is 47. We both have NO credit. ZERO!! And why? Because we paid cash for everything, including rent, utilities, etc. It did not build us any credit. At our age, we are now starting out with a secured credit card because we have ZERO credit. And I mean ZERO!! So yes you do need a credit card and can not establish credit without it. We own our house (owner finance the land), vehicles, and pay our bills on time. We can not even finace a new vehicle even with our home and land as collateral (which is worth 15 times more) because we have no credit.
—Guest Peggy

What's the big deal?

Credit cards are just a way of life now. You shouldn't have more than a few, and you should watch how much you borrow, but it really isn't a big deal to have them and to even carry a balance. We live in a time when that's just the way things are. It's not a big deal.
—Guest Lori

No I Don't

I use my debit card for my online purchase and car rentals. I've got an emergency fund for emergencies. That way I don't end up paying interest on my emergencies. You can get by without one. It takes planning, but I think it is worth it!
—Guest Micah

I Do Need a Credit Card

Shopping online, reserving a car, and for that unexpected emergency I really do need a credit card. I only have two. I don't use them unless it's an emergency and then I pay them off right away. It just makes me feel better to have them.
—Guest Chris

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