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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Car Buying Mistake You've Made?

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We all make rash decisions, and foolish purchases occasionally, but when you do it with a car you may end up paying for it for a long time. What's the biggest mistake you've made? Or that you've watched someone else make? Share Your Mistake


I bought a 08 Honda accord less than 6 months ago, already have to take in for popping in steering wheel and today would not start at first. The dealership is getting fed up with me and I am with them as well, I knew I should have went for another brand of car.......
—Guest Cyndi young

Sorry About Trade

I bought a 2011 Honda Accord in December 2013 with a 5-year loan and $237.94 payments. Great car, no problems, loved it. Guy at dealership said in 6 mths. I could have it refinanced to get lower payments. I'm on Social Security and disabled, so needed lower payments. Took car back to dealership for refinance and wound up trading for a 2012 Mazda 5 Minivan for 84 mths. and payments of $230.00 mth. Sick about it. Honda dealership will not reverse the deal and give Accord back. May try and sell minivan on Craig's list or Ebay Motors once I get title. Owe $17K +. Should have gone to bank to try and refinance. Don't recommend Honda dealership in Ardmore, Oklahoma.
—Guest Jasmine

6 years 498 per month

I traded in my BMW. I knew that I was taking less then the KBB, but because I got a lower value from 2 dealers I assumed KBB was wrong and what the dealer was giving me was fair! Mistake number 1. Mistake 2 was not listening to my gut. My gut told me to run. To not buy that car that day. I told the salesman to call me with the credit results not thinking I was going to get approved. He convinced me to hang around and sure enough he got me approved with 7.3 % interest rate. So I traded in my car, got less than the KBB value and then got a new car for which I negotiated for payment instead of price which I now realize was a horrible mistake. Now my payment is 499 per month for 72 months and I paid more for the car than I should have. My problem was they put the bait in front of me and I took it. And the worst part is that I miss my old car. This nissan altima is all over the road. Only reason I got rid of the other car was because it was eating gas, but now I am losing money on this deal.
—Guest Angelo

I can't win!

I bought my first car from a dealership ,a Suzuki for 8,000 at 282 a month plus 120 in the cheapest insurance I could find. I had put down 3000 as a down payment. Everything was fine for about 6 months until the electrical system started messing up and long story short...it caught fire in my work's parking lot and was totaled. The insurance only paid off the car so I was left with no car and 3000 dollars wasted. Flash forward 2 years and I decided to buy a car from a private owner, dropped 3250 on a Honda Civic. Guy told me all it needed was a strut replaced which he had already bought. Replaced strut and it's still clunking and now it looks like there may be an overheating problem. I've only had the car for 2 weeks! I stupidly signed an as is form and I'm scared to find out how much I might be looking at for repairs.
—Guest Abby

Worst Mistake I've Made

When I was in high school my grandma let me drive her car. I was grateful. I stayed in town and commuted to a local University. She had 2 cars so she didn't mind if I kept it. I decided I was tired of her car and I needed my own car since I had a job. I figured I lived at home and could afford a car payment. I ended up purchasing a 2012 Dodge Avenger used for 15 thousand. I pay 400 a month on it and I've had nothing but issues with it. It would be fine if i bought it new but whoever owned this car junked it. I'm broke and all my money goes to this car either in repairs, car note, and gas this doesn't even include insurance (its cheap). I should have kept my grandma's car. It was nice and car note free and repair free.
—Guest EvWall

bad mistake for young person

My daughter signed a 7 year contract for a new car i worked out 7 years she will pay for 2 cars at this price.
—Guest pauline

Fool me twice. Shame on me.

I sold my Eclipse GT that was bought for me, and lasted me 7 long, enjoyable years with zero major mechanical problems UNTIL the strut tower rotted out and I was urged to sell her asap. Sold her for only $900, without even thinking twice! Just bought an 02 Stratus in worse condition than my last car, and its already overheating half hour after I just bought it! And it is the worst car I've ever owned. Needless to say, I'm ads out of a car AND money for the second time in less than 6 months.
—Guest Jackie

White Elephant

After working in the city for years I got a job in the suburbs that required a car. I convinced myself I "deserved" a Grand Cherokee. It's a nice car but the gas, insurance, and loan is killing me and the loan is still upside down two years later!
—Guest NCC

young and dumb

had a 06 jetta, wanted something "classier", bought an audi a6 2.7t for 8k, sold the jetta for 6k. about a week later both my turbos blew out, a 13k fix! now i have only 3k to buy a car when i had a good car to start with
—Guest 22yroldidiot

Feel like crap..

Traded in my PAID OFF evo x for a brand new GTR, worst mistake of my life. I can afford the payments but i have to watch my bank account now. Before i traded in the car I could buy whatever I wanted and not even worry about my bank account balance. Ugh... I can sell the car and break even but it sucks that because of this stupid mistake, my evolution is pretty much gone.
—Guest Ugh

Not once but twice

So I purchased an used SUV from an out of state dealer with advice from a mutual friend. I loved it on the surface but noticed issues. It smelled mildewed when I received it and had water in some areas. The dealer told me that it was from the shampoo. Put some air freshener and it was ok. Then a couple of months later check engine light started coming on. Took it to my local dealer and learned I had an oil leak . My car now needed about $3000 worth of work. A fast talking dealer said he could have me in a new car with no money down the same day. He was able to get me in a base level car financing my negative equity into loan. Car payment was $200 higher and I liked my car less. But it was brand new and had better gas mileage. Three weeks later I was in a terrible accident. Car could be repaired but would have been totaled if I had gap insurance, which I didn't. Now I owe about 15K more than my car is worth...and I hate my car.
—Guest Mrs Baldwin

worst mistake ever

long story short...I sold my nice nice truck for way cheaper than it was valued because my so called friend lied to me about his dad taking his truck, but its my fault for being so naive. Anyway, me and my girlfriend go and get a 2005 pt cruiser financed. Our monthly payment is 330. After the interest the amount of money we will pay is around 10k. I just looked up the kbb value, another naive mistake, I mean I should've looked it up while we we're at the dealership, but anyway...the freaking value is only like 3.5k for a good condition one. Ours has already broken down once and I feel it won't be the last time. If I could go back I would slap the me in the past and tell him to just keep the dang truck and get it fixed, which would've saved me probably around 5k in the long run. Idk what to do cuz we're like 2 months behind on the payments. I'm so retarded sometimes!!!
—Guest drew

Mine takes the cake

I have a 2011 328i BMW, traded in a POS car for it, and now I'm upside down. Well since the day I bought it, which was 4 months ago, it's been in the shop at least once a month for the same issue (possibly Transmission), so it's considered a lemon. Well I went to a lawyer, and they said it is definitely a lemon, but in order to get out of it, I'd have to pay off my negative equity which is $10,000!!! My payments are out of this world $793 a month for the next 56 months, I have no way out, I can't afford my payments anymore as my job changed. I am at a loss...
—Guest Help...

The regret sucks

I thought I could afford it, and I realized that was all I could do, just afford the car. Cant go out and im afraid to log into my bank account. Can't save a single penny and just wish I didnt cave into the desire for this car. You buy a car for the stupidest reasons and you soon learn that you don't need it. You may have a car now and are thinking of getting rid of it because it has "problems." DONT DO IT! Fix that car up and use your money to make it awesome, buying a new car isnt worth that feeling for a few short weeks. I love my new car but the truth is it wasnt worth the cost.
—Guest Dont Do It

Panic Buy

Bought a used 01 accord neglected by previous owner. After dumping $3k in engine repairs, the trusted mechanic said we needed a new engine, which would be $5k. With no money left to rent a car, we drove the semi-dead car around for a few days to look at used cars. The month of inspection was almost over, so we had to buy *something* that wouldn't die on us. Panicked and Rolled over remaining debt into new car. Now Upside down on a new 2012 Ford Fiesta. 7% interest . Nice car, expensive payments. $339 a month. Can't make ends meet, can't sell it either. Only chance is to pay off enough principal to break even.
—Guest Car Panic

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